Dear Belinda / Claire,
I just wanted to let you both know that it was an absolute pleasure to have been taught by you both. Prior to attending the course i contacted a number of training providers and I am so glad I chose P.T.S.
I had dipped in and out of Pilates for a number of years and recently took it up again as i found that that i wanted to offer this service as an add on for my current practice (Osteopath). Not only did I come away actually knowing for the first time what Pilates is, but was challenged in my body as you both taught me the core foundations of what Pilates is based on
You both have amazing communication skills, depth of knowledge and passion you delivered the course in a way that was recieved by all regardless of students background and profession. I came away being able to reflect on myself as a practitioner and future teacher. But the greatest lesson for me was that, having the knowledge is great but unless you can relay this and pass this on to the people you want to help then its useless.
I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to train in a safe and effective way!

Again Thank you!

Ms D Uong (Registered Osteopath)

I know I have said it before but every day I am so glad I did my training with you and Claire. I have a new career starting and what's more I am secure with my knowledge, therefore I am more confident in my teaching and that's all because I was taught by such excellent teachers! There's one for your website!


I am a Pilates instructor and have been teaching since 2004. I always said that Pilates wasn't really my passion, but the truth was that I had so many injured people to my classes and I didn't feel I had the underlying knowledge to keep them safe, so I didn't teach it for a couple of years. I then trained to become a sports massage therapist and felt this made me more equipped to deal with injured participants so started to teach Pilates again. I then found out that REPS didn't recognise me as a Pilates instructor as I had not completed my level 3 qualification. I was more than a little annoyed with this since I was now a level 5 qualified sports therapist and felt that this was more than enough to be on the register. I was also turned down for a class because I was not level 3 qualified. It was then I realised that whether I liked it or not I was going to have to go on a course, so begrudgingly started looking around.
I knew three instructors who had trained with Pilates Training Solutions, one brand new to Pilates but also another very respected instructor, so I thought i would give them a go.
One the first day I turned up, and I was sold!!! Claire took the first day and she took my knowledge and tweaked it to a greater understanding and I had more than a few lightbulb moments, suddenly everything seemed to make so much sense and I was excited about Pilates again and that evening I went back and told my two Pilates classes how much I had learnt and how brilliant it was! On the second day I had Belinda, fairly certain that she couldn't live up to Claire's standards, but she kept my attention for the entire day, I don't think i even blinked!!
After the course days, I had queries and questions and when I emailed either Belinda or Claire, they responded very promptly and when I phoned them, they were very happy to talk and I never felt like I was bothering them. So if you are wondering if it is worth doing the level 3 course, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it and Pilates Training Solutions exceeded all my expectations and I intend to go on to do the Level 4 Lower Back Pain with them.


Dear Claire and Belinda,
Many thanks for such an interesting, energising and informative course. The theory section has been incredibly clear and concise, and the practical teaching superb, I now feel I understand the rational behind each move clearly.

I have wanted to train to teach Pilates for some time now, and after all I have learnt with Pilates Training Solutions over the past few weeks, I feel thoroughly motivated and prepared to get out there and start working.

I look forward to seeing you in the New Year for my client assessment. With very best wishes.


Having come to Belinda and Claire from another Pilates school to do my Level 3, I have appreciated the great training and ongoing personal support I have received. Even when you have been teaching for some years situations arise that you just need some advice on and you never feel you are on your own. Wise advice is given often very promptly if you time it right!

Vicky Haworth

Hi Belinda and Claire,
Hope you are both well. Just wanted to let you know that I am back in Australia. I've been back one month and got two jobs teaching studio equipment within the first two weeks of coming home. It's going really well and I just wanted to thank you both. I feel really well trained and confident teaching and I know that is down to the training you both provided. Of course you never stop learning, but I feel really happy where I'm at and clients seem really happy. Thank you both so much.

Rebecca Ashton

This course is amazing and I cannot thank Belinda and Claire enough. After being at home for 10 years with the kids I wanted to start something new. Their wonderful, highly informative teaching dragged my brain back from the brink and I have not looked back since. This course is challenging but really rewarding to be starting a new career and I am loving every moment! Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge and cannot wait for Level 4! Oh and the Exercise and Pregnancy course yesterday with Helen Carpenter-Waters was excellent, thank you...

Rebecca Olds

PTS has turned out to be exactly what it says: A solution for me to become a Level 3 Matwork Pilates instructor.
Armed with a few years of practicing Pilates with my wife, but no Anatomy & Physiology knowledge at all, I have achieved my target in 14 months – This included 10 months self study using the “Health & Fitness Handbook” as recommended by PTS prior to the first course.
Claire & Belinda (Both very pleasant indeed), have amassed a wealth of teaching techniques, and are both very highly qualified to teach this course. It is run at a very manageable pace with clear and concise instruction, supported by some good study notes and the necessary documentation to achieve the recognised CYQ qualification and certification. It is not easy – It can be failed, but with hard work it is very possible – I am proof at 48yrs.
They are always contactable by phone or email, when support is required, and I have no hesitation in recommending them for their teachings of Clinical Pilates.

Pilates Testimonial

Pilates Testimonial

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